Inna`s Letter

Dear Japanese friends,

People all over Ukraine are deeply worried about what is now happening in Japan. Our hearts break thinking of the great pain and suffering you are forced to endure.

The experience of the Chernobyl accident made us understand clearly what the accident of a nuclear plant is like. Many years have passed since the Chernobyl tragedy, but we are not yet free from its damage. Many children have got ill (not only of thyroid carcinoma). The environment was destroyed. The inhabitants (especially children) have lost resistance to diseases in a distinctive rate. The liquidators who were called upon to deal with the accident had their health damaged (some died, others disordered).

The accident of a nuclear power plant is dreadful. Even though you cannot sense its effects immediately, they will show their real nature later. I am moved by the courage and self-control of Japanese people, and cordially hope that the series of accidents now taking place will not follow the path of the Chernobyl. I also hope wholeheartedly that the Japanese government should protect the people by all means.

Japan is a very small, but beautiful country. It is a tremendous loss for all the people on earth if that beautiful gworldh where you live in is harmed by nuclear energy or greediness of those who run the power plants. You Japanese people are famous for your wisdom, creativity and diligence. Therefore, I cannot help but expect you to innovate a new system to produce energy in the safest way.

Do please save your beautiful land and children